We know moving is a stressful experience for most, especially when you simply don’t have time to set up your new home after you just packed and moved. We also understand that things can accumulate through the years making you feel overwhelmed and slightly on edge in your own home. And we get that listing your home for sale is so daunting you don’t even know where to start?

Life Afresh Home is a full service professional organization company that helps you handle these stressful projects, so you can enjoy a fresh start or reclaim the sanctuary that your home once was. We specialize in decluttering & organizing, unpacking & setting up new homes, maximizing storage and space planning.

What you can expect from our full service is customized solutions tailored to your needs, so you can find peace and truly enjoy your home. You will also notice more efficient daily routines whether it’s getting ready in the morning or unpacking groceries because now you know exactly where everything is and goes! No more “where is my stuff?”

How are we experts in delivering these promises? Chief Home Creator, Ellen has moved 28 times in 27 years, she has a demonstrated track record of creating inviting homes in every address. Today she is on a mission to help people reclaim, reimagine, and repurpose the function of their home.